Max Dereta is a freelance photographer based in the Netherlands. Following an early career as illustrator and graphic designer, he has been a professional photojournalist since 1980. He speaks fluent English, Dutch and Croatian.

International assignments have taken him around the world; from Carnival in Rio de Janeiro to wildlife shoots in Alaska, Kenya and Zimbabwe, traveling with nomadic tribes in the Sahara Desert and Northern Siberia and covering the war in former Yugoslavia.

With more than 6,000 skydives under his belt, Max is one of the most experienced aerial photographers in the world today. Photographing with helmet-mounted cameras, he has covered several World Skydive Record attempts, made B.A.S.E. jumps in the USA, Norway and Italy, has landed on top of Mt. Elbrus in the Caucasus and jumped a total of four times on the North Pole. He has also flown and photographed during wing-suit flights, together with Felix Baumgartner.

He has also covered many of the world's best-known air shows such as Le Bourget, Oshkosh and Moscow and has made supersonic flights in a Russian MiG-29 and a flight into the stratosphere in a MiG 25. He also took part in the Russian Space Training Programme, including zero-G flights.

His photographs and feature stories have been published in many leading national and international publications, such as: Action Asia, AD Magazine, Air & Space, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Focus, Holland Herald, National Geographic, Traveler, Nieuwe Revu, Panorama, Penthouse, Playboy, Robb Report, Seasons, Stern, etc.



Mobile: + 31 (0)6 20 44 94 39